Frequently Asked Questions

What address do I use my home or school address?

If you want your linens sent to school, then put in your name (student name), school residence name and address.If you live in Canada and you want your linens sent to your home, then put in your home address.

When do I have to order by to have my order arrive on time?

Please allow 2 business days for Ontario, 4 business days for Manitoba and East Coast, 6 business days for B.C. UPS deliveries. All orders have a flat $28. delivery charge for any size package to any school or home in Canada. EMAIL US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT DELIVERY TIMES. Please go to our “READ BEFORE ORDERING PAGE” for more information on particular school order dates. ORDER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AS STOCK COULD BECOME AN ISSUE FOR SOME PRODUCTS OR COLOURS.

Do I have to pay taxes on my order?

There is a 13% Harmonized Sales Tax that will be added to your order.This tax is mandatory in Canada.

How do I know what size sheets to order?

The school usually lets you know the size in their orientation package. But if you don’t know our twin sheets will fit any twin/single bed, so there is no reason to worry. Most schools have twins ranging from 36″wide to 76″ to 80″ long. The Queen/Double beds vary in size from 76″wide to 78″ or 80″ long. Our sheets fit all the sizes.


How and when will my package be delivered?

All packages are delivered by UPS. It will arrive at your residence front desk 2-5 days prior to your move in date, labelled with your name on it.(VERY IMPORTANT TO USE STUDENT NAME FOR LOGIN AND ADD STUDENT I.D.# TO NOTE SECTION, IF KNOWN).Residence staff at participating schools are well versed in this procedure and are also very helpful. If you are having your package delivered to your Home address it should arrive 2-5 days after order date.(Use note section for any special delivery instructions).

If I am not attending one of the Partner or Participating Schools, where is the best place to have my order shipped to?

Most of the students attending the Partner or Participating schools are international students and can only have delivery at their school. If you reside in Canada and are attending any school in North America you may want to have your package delivered to your home so you can prewash the sheets.But we can also deliver to your school. We still offer a flat $28. delivery for any size package via UPS.

Delivery times:

  • Ontario-2 business days
  • Manitoba & Maritimes-4 business days
  • British Columbia-5 to 6 business days